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About Ms. Sider

This will be Ms. Sider's 3rd year at Jordan and her 7th year teaching chemistry. She loves teaching science, and is excited to be teaching AP chemistry, ESL chemistry, and physical science this year!

AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry is a college-level chemistry course that is meant to prepare students to take freshmen chemistry.  

The class meets every day and will be a mixture of class notes, group practice, and lab activities. Students should expect to develop lab skills and chemistry knowledge through this course. 

ESL Chemistry

ESL chemistry is a high school level chemistry course. We will focus on the big ideas in chemistry: measurement and scale, structure and properties of matter, transformation, and energy.

Physical Science

Physical science is a high school level science class that will cover the basics of physics and chemistry. 

Students should expect to participate in lab activities, class discussion, and group practice. 

Latest Donors Choose Project

Ms. Sider's Calendar

Ms. Taliaferro is currently trying to fund a set of books for her physical science class. 

The project is not currently live, but will be soon!

Any and all donations are welcome!

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