Advanced Placement Chemistry

AP Chemistry is for those students who want to take a challenging science course and potentially earn college credit.  On this page, you can find the answers to frequently asked questions about Ms. Sider's AP Chemistry course and links to other important pages. 

To join our class remind text @gbbcce to 81010

Question 1: What do I need for this class? 

AP chemistry is an advanced class and is meant to mimic a college-level chemistry course. Students are encouraged to have their own organizational system and spend time thinking about how they best learn and study. 

Required Materials

  • A bound notebook to be used as a lab notebook (separate from content notebook)

  • Something to write with

  • A notebook or binder to take notes in 

Strongly Suggested Materials

  • A completely separate binder for AP Chemistry Materials

  • AP Review Guide

    • 5 steps to a 5, 2015 edition by John T. Moore​

    • Barron's AP Chemistry, 7th Edition by Neil D. Jespersen

  • A calendar (digital or physical) to keep track of due dates and assignments​

Question 2: Where can I find work I am missing?

PowerSchool will be updated regularly for the class. If something is missing on the due date it will be marked as missing AND a zero will be entered. 

If something is marked as missing in PowerSchool, and you were absent, you can get the work from our class drawer the day you return. The assignment will have your name at the top. If something is marked as missing, and you have lost it, you can find it on our class canvas page. All due dates and work can be found on Canvas. 

If there is a problem with your grade, or you believe you handed something in that is marked as missing, take the following steps: 

  1. Check the "No Name" folder 

  2. Double check your binder/ notebook

  3. Talk to Ms. Sider about the issue

Question 3: What are Ms. Sider's expectations? 

  1. Be present. This does not only apply to attendance (although that should be a priority!!!). When you are in class, you should be actively engaged in order to get all the material. Your input is important because you are a valuable part of our class community.

  2. Be engaged. Both in and outside of the class you will need to engage with the material in order to understand it. Do your homework, take advantage of outside of class opportunities like review sessions, and give it your best effort. 

  3. Be open. Communicate with Ms. Sider about what you like or don't like about the class. If you are having issues or need an extension on something you should reach out sooner rather than later! Trust me, Ms. Sider is a reasonable person, and is willing to help.

Question 4: Where can I get help? 

AP chemistry is a challenging class for many students. Students are encouraged to get help outside of class and make an effort to find information on their own when they are confused.  

  • Ms. Sider is available after school on most days, or before school by appointment only. ​Please come with specific questions or problems you would like help with.

  • Below are the links to some popular internet resources for students

  • Work through problems and read the textbook in addition to class notes and homework. ​

  • Utilize your study and lab groups. 

Question 5: What are some important documents to have access to? 

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